quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2012

Call it what you want

Some people tend to rush it
others like to seem blasé

Some people look for it
some people just ignore it

Some people try to pretend
they don't want it

But we all do

Call it Love
call it God
call it Joy
or Fulfillment

In whatever degree
what else is there
for us to be?

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Marco Dib disse...
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Marco Dib disse...

There is certainly something for us.
For a long time I refused to admit the existence of a higher, bigger power to which we are linked, connected, intertwined.
I finally chose to call it God. But not that one that punishes. This God is the one that forgives, accepts, heal and, more importantly, gives some meaning to our existence.
Life without goodness, forgiveness, healing and acceptance is not worth living.

Lovely poem. Very inspiring, my friend!